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making social simple


As your personal social media photographer and/or coach,

I relieve you of the pressure, time and cost it takes to consistently generate content,

so you can grow your audience, increase engagement and attract your ideal customers. 


To do that, we schedule regular shoots to capture your unique brand and you get authentic, exclusive images ready to go on all your platforms.

I work with passionate, creative people in all things food, drink, art, entertainment & design.

Take a look around and reach out if you have any questions!











You spend a lot of time and energy running your business. Sometimes it may feel like there's no time to do anything else. The last thing you want to struggle with is finding time to shoot your social posts. Even though you know that you need social media to help your business grow. 

By contracting with me, I take the time obstacle off the table. I provide a simple template for you to prep for your shoot so you know what you need without too much effort. 

Then I deliver gorgeous photos, set up for whatever platform you are using. The time you save is money in the bank. It frees you up to do what you do best.

The Look

You love other people's pictures but you just can't make yours look as good. You want pictures that wow your potential customers so they engage on your posts and become devout followers/fans who share with others! 

We work together to set up your product or space so your photos pop and stop that scroll. 

Or maybe you want to learn how to do it yourself. I do that too. I have a clear and simple method to teach you how to create images that bring joy, interest and excitement to your future clients.



You want your social posts to authentically reflect who you are. And you don't want to use cliched and boring stock photography.


I consistently create images that are uniquely you - beautiful pictures that tell your story and nobody else's. Your followers will get you and see why you are different, energizing them to engage, share and eventually spend their money with you.  


I also shoot portraits & headshots so you will always have a polished, professional photo of you when that magazine calls or that conference asks you to speak.


You know you have to be consistent at social media - whether it's once a week or every day. But that's a lot of work for you to organize.

I come in on a regularly scheduled basis to shoot photos for you, set them up for whatever platform/s you are using and then you have a treasure trove of images to choose from. No last minute scrambling. 

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